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Stay AlertStay Alive!

This session offers real-world practice in a proven self-defense system. Here you will learn and perfect counters to the most likely attacks and grabs. You will build muscle memory with repetitive, hands-on instruction from experts. Muscle memory will increase your ability to naturally react to dangerous situations without having to think about what do next!

  • Recognize threats
  • Identify Predator and Prey Body Language
  • De-escalate a potentially violent encounter
  • Generate power for effective strikes, and kicks

In the second module, Three Strikes & You’re Out! The intensity increases slightly and students learn to:

  • React to multiple attackers
  • Combine your strikes
  • Neutralize your attacker with joint control
  • Fight from the ground

The third module is the most realistic training we offer. Here students will test their skills against the instructors in a series of progressive drills designed to reinforce the skills necessary to Stay Alert and Stay Alive!

  • If you don’t feel more empowered at the end of the training, money-back guarantee.
  • Discounts available for attending multiple sessions and returning students. Contact us for details!
  • Discounts available for teenagers attending with parents
  • Dads: Spend the day training with your daughter for free
  • What makes SOFT Unique – Certified Male and Female instructors.  Train with us and you will learn from both perspectives.  This is a value not offered in other self-defense classes

“I started training thinking that it would make me less fearful, I soon learned that fear isn’t going to go away, but you can learn to use it to make you a powerful force” Emily

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.