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Next Time You are Tempted to Miss Your Workout

Ask yourself this next time you’re thinking of missing a workout…

Will you regret it later on?

The idea of staying in bed and getting that extra sleep is always tempting, so is going straight home after work and skipping the stop at the gym but how will you

feel about this decision later? Often times when people skip their workout they feel guilty about it later. Some days you may not be as motivated but think about your

long-term goal of staying fit and healthy. Try listening to up beat music or having a snack that will give you energy as a way to push yourself in the right direction.

Usually, once you get to the gym or finish your workout you’ll be glad you decided to do it.

How much physical activity have you done this week?

Look back at the past week and see if you can afford to take the day off. If you have been keeping up with your exercise routine then missing one day won’t kill you, or

rearrange your typical exercise plan to make the day you don’t feel like working out your recovery day. But, if you’ve already missed a few days will skipping

another workout make it harder for you to get back on track?

Is there a legitimate reason for missing this workout?

Ask yourself why you’re really going to miss this workout session. Being sick, injured, or even really tired are good reasons to make it a rest day but if it’s just a

lack of motivation or laziness try to push yourself to do the workout. Think about the benefits of exercise and how it will aid in your goals. Maybe picture something

that will get you motivated whether it be fitting into clothes that you haven’t been able to wear, or thinking about other people working out right now. Getting there is

half the battle but usually once you start exercising you’ll start to feel better.

Am I just bored of my usual workout routine?

Most people stick with the same exercise plan but sometimes this can get boring. One way to keep yourself motivated and ready to workout is to change up what you

do. Always go to the gym? Try exercising outside, such as doing a routine in the park, going for a hike, or even power walking with your dog. Or maybe you just

don’t feel like going or driving anywhere, an alternative is to workout from the comfort of your own home. Your house is just as good as going to the gym. Body

weight exercises are a great way to get your heart rate up. Stairs are also a great option to work your legs. Not sure what exercises or routines to do? Check out our

fitness page where we have a few at home exercise routines for you to try!

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