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Habits for a Healthy Life


Diet, try Mediterranean

Try having the majority of the food you eat be whole grains, fruits, veggies, and nuts. Incorporate fatty fish like salmon or tuna into your diet at least once or twice a week, and cut back on the amount of red meat you consume. The Mediterranean style of eating focuses on good fats and polyphenols which helps reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. You also may notice and increase in energy and overall just feeling better. Studies have also shown that those who follow along with this type of diet have a lower risk of weight gain.


It’s no secret that exercising does wonders for your body. Along with enhancing your heart health, and having other physical benefits getting in a daily workout also does wonders for you mentally. As we age our memory starts to fade (about 2% each decade) as your hippocampus (where your memories are stored) starts to shrink. But by participating in regular exercise you work your blood vessels, which make up a large portion of your brain. This keeps the hippocampus from shrinking slowing down the aging process.

Snack Smart

Going back to the Mediterranean concept, try snacking on things that are good for you. Ditch the bagged, processed food, that’s loaded up on sugar and fats and go with something that will nurture your body. You can never go wrong with fruits, nuts, or veggies, and tea. For the times that you need something sweet it’s okay to nibble on dark chocolate. But make sure to not overdue it and look for bars that are at least 70% dark cocoa and try not to eat more than a square daily.

Get up and move

We sit for the majority of the day, often times stuck at a desk or in a classroom but it’s important that we get up and get moving, even if you workout during the day. The more time you sit down the more prone you are to health risks. One idea on this is that when sitting for long periods, it’s harder for blood to get to the brain and heart. One test was done that showed men who sat for over four hours a day were more likely to be victims of disease such as diabetes, heart problems and have high blood pressure. Try getting up and walking around at least every 30 minutes even if its only for short periods of time.

Eat Your Greens

Eating dark, leafy, vegetables everyday is important in maintaining a healthy life and body. These veggies are high in antioxidants that help fight off disease, protect vital organs, and keep your body running smoothly and effectively. Some good veggies to try are spinach, kale, and chard. A good way to get your daily dose is through juicing. Many people find that having a green juice at least once a day has improved their mood and energy. If straight green juice is a little harsh for your taste buds try adding in a grapefruit, kiwi, or apples to make it a little sweeter.

Put down your phone

Were surrounded by technology all day everyday. Even at night when were going to bed most of us have our phone somewhere nearby. Studies have shown that being so attached to our phones and computers can cause a great deal of stress. Always checking emails, or texting prevents us from having face-to-face interactions and keeps us from focusing on what is happening around us. Try unplugging yourself for a little bit. Even 15 minutes of quite time may help ease your stress. Some people enjoy meditation or if that not your thing even reading a book can work. Many people have found that by taking time away from their phones and computers has allowed them to become more focused and relaxed when doing their day-to-day activities.


Our bodies are made up of water so its easy to see why it’s so important for us to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water helps our bodies recover and preform better. It also keeps your skin clear and is a good tool for people who are trying to watch their weight. Often times when people feel hungry it is really their body telling them that they need water. Next time this happens try getting something to drink then waiting a little and see how you feel. Green tea is also a great option for staying hydrated as well.