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Fitness Classes for Every Person, Every Level

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We offer a variety of fitness programs for just about everyone. Review the list below for more information. If you don’t see what you are looking for drop us a note and we’ll create one just for you!


Adventure Sports

Ever wanted to try rock climbing, kayaking, wilderness trekking, orienteering or mountain biking? Now is your chance to learn a new skill and get in the best shape of your life under the professional guidance of one of our trainers.


Special Needs

There is no shortage of all the health benefits of being physically fit. These benefits are especially important for people with special needs. The greater range of motion and muscle strength developed from a sustained fitness program can help to improve the quality of life of just about everyone.


Mixed Martial Arts Level I

Students are taken gradually through a progression of challenges, and paired with partners of similar skill and size to facilitate safe and challenging training. Pads, helmets and gloves are provided for use during training for no additional cost.


General Fitness & Weight Loss

If you’re looking for a quiet place to train and someone to help you improve your general fitness then give us a try. We can help you develop a program that will get you on your way to feeling and looking better. Most of our general fitness programs combine gym work with some form of cardiovascular exercise outside. The cardio-exercise can be anything from walking to kayaking to trail running and mountain biking. Bring a few friends and we’ll make it a group class!



Cardiovascular fitness is arguably the best thing a person can do to improve general fitness. It helps control weight, improves sleep patterns and can lower blood pressure. We offer a wide variety of cardio conditioning programs for all fitness levels. Variety in any training program is absolutely essential to ensure the body doesn’t adapt to the work load. With SpecOps Fitness your body will never get the chance to adapt!


Max Effort Interval Program

This program consists of 4 separate routines of 45 to 60 minutes. Each routine is subdivided into approximately 10 minute blocks. Within each block exercises are preformed that raise the heart rate to specific zones and then lower back to near resting before the process is repeated. Strength exercises using body weight as well as light to moderate weight dumb bells are also added throughout the routines to make each session a total body blast!


Sports Conditioning

Speed, quickness, agility, endurance, strength and balance. All sports require these five things in varying degrees. At SOFT we analyze each athlete’s current ability, and then design a program to help move him or her to the next level. A SOFT Sports Conditioning Program will compliment any skills development plan, and help to prepare athletes to enter into the next level of play at high school or collegiate level.



Strength & Cardio In One! Kettlebells are relatively new on the fitness scene in the United States, but they’ve actually been around a very long time. The first mention of kettlebells was in 1704. Years latter in 1913 they were touted as a great weight loss tool. Don’t be fooled into thinking kettlebells are just odd shaped dumbells! Their design is certainly different and this difference is important. Your whole body gets into the act when you do a kettlebell workout. All of the kettlebell routines at SOFT combine cardio with dynamic strength development and they are guaranteed to get you into the best shape of your life!


Children’s Classes

We offer a complete line of fitness programs for children of all ages. Everything from martial arts and self defense to speed development and agility. There are group classes as well as individual programs for any fitness need. No matter what your sport or physical requirement chances are we’ve done it or can develop a unique program to suit your needs. We’ve prepared kids for high school and travel soccer, field hockey and lacrosse, and trained young adults for the military and service academies. If you don’t see what you are looking for contact us and we’ll create a custom program that works for you.


Speed Rope Cardio

Speed rope work factors into almost every fitness program at SpecOps Fitness, so chances are no matter what program you are on sooner or later you’ll be learning how to turn the rope. The Speed Rope Cardio program however, is a single workout focused around the speed rope. There are three 15-minute blocks of rope work with shorter intervals inside each block. In between the blocks are dynamic strength and core exercises designed to really take your fitness to the next level. All of our speed rope programs are patterned after Olympian Buddy Lee who has revolutionized the rope as an all-around fitness tool. All jump rope trainers at SOFT are certified through Buddy Lee’s Jump Rope Technology program. Check out Buddy’s website for more details on his ropes and systems.


Team Training

Team Training can take many forms. There is of course general fitness, and there is also team building and cohesion. Team training isn’t limited to field sports and athletic teams. This type of training also extends to the corporate world. Getting your team out of the office and into scenario driven problem solving might be just what you need to build an effective team. Tailored, team training packages are available and can include: leader reaction type courses, orienteering and geo-caching, mountain biking and kayaking. Email us to discuss options and prices that fit your needs.


Thai Massage

Thai massage is a form of body work that has gained wide popularity in the West. A complete Thai massage incorporates a traditional combination of point pressure, energy meridian work, and yoga-like stretching for an invigorating and balancing experience. Thai massage, Thai Yoga massage, Thai Therapy, Nuad Phaen Boran, or Nuat Thai all mean the same thing, and it is fast becoming the most popular massage technique offered in America because of its lasting effects. Trained at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts , the only Thai medical research and education center outside of Thailand, we offer full body Thai massage in 60 or 90 minute sessions, and Thai Reflexology in 30 or 60 minute sessions. These sessions are by appointment only and are usually scheduled one week in advance. Email us to set up an appointment.