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Healthy Ways To Cook Fish

The American Heart Association recommends getting one to two servings a week of fish due to the health benefits. Fish is not only loaded with nutrients but it is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which are crucial for optimal brain and body function and can also help reduce the risk of disease. The way you prepare your fish though is very important in order to maximize all of its health benefits. The key to cooking healthy fish is to avoid breading and sauces that are high in fat and calories. Below are a few healthy ideas that will leave your fish tasting great and are good for you.


The key to baking good fish is to make sure it doesn’t dry out. Usually thicker or fattier fish won’t need extra liquid but lean cuts might. Try using either water, white wine, or lemon juice as a way to add that extra moisture to white fish. Baking it in foil is also a great option for a delicious meal with a quick clean up. Add spices and different types of seasoning to vary up the flavors of your fish.


Grilling fish is a fast and easy option and having it dry out is less of a worry. Make sure though that you either spray your grates or that they are non-stick to prevent the fish from getting stuck and falling apart. Thicker fish works best when trying to grill such as tuna, but if you want a more delicate or thinner fish try putting it in foil to grill.


Cooking your fish over the stove is another great option because once again it’s fast and healthy. Add a little olive oil to the pan and some seasoning for a meal packed with flavor. If you want a fish that is breaded this is also a good way to do it. Use a light layer of breadcrumbs or flour.

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