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5 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings

Increase the amount of protein you eat
Eating protein helps to stop many of the cravings your body has. Try starting off your day with a high protein breakfast or having a high protein snack during the day

Take away the temptations
Out of sight out of mind. You are less likely to crave something when it’s not nearby or easy to grab. Try replacing all of the unhealthy foods you have with fresh and healthy options. If you have to have them around, say for a family member or sweets for young kids trying moving them to a place that’s harder to get and bring all your healthy foods and snacks to the front of your pantry or fridge.

Don’t go too long without eating
Eating small meals throughout the day can help keep you feeling full and your energy up. Often times when we skip meals or go hours without eating our blood sugar levels drop and our cravings are the worst. Also when you’re really hungry it’s easy to grab the quick, unhealthy option versus what is actually good for you.

Avoid artificial sweeteners
Eating these often can cause our body to crave them constantly.

Cut out sweets entirely or enjoy them in small amounts
Cutting them out entirely may be hard at first, but when you go long enough with out having them you will no longer feel the need for them. If this sounds too harsh then try healthy versions of your favorite sweets and in smaller portions.

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